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Santorini Elixir Expedition: Unraveling the Island's Vinous Wonders

Service Description

Commence on a sensory journey through Santorini's renowned wine culture with our meticulously crafted wine tour. This immersive experience takes you beyond the vineyards, offering a detailed exploration of the island's most iconic wine spots. Highlights of Your Wine Adventure: Vineyard Immersion: Begin your tour in the lush embrace of Santorini's sun-drenched vineyards. Engage with the winemaking process as you stroll through rows of grapevines, learning about the unique terroir that imparts distinctive flavors to the island's wines. Wine Tasting Delight: Sample a curated selection of Santorini's finest wines at three local wineries. From the crisp Assyrtiko to the full-bodied Vinsanto, each sip unveils the nuances of the island's rich winemaking heritage. Expert vintners will guide you through the tasting, sharing insights into the characteristics that make Santorini wines truly exceptional. Wine Museum Exploration: Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Santorini's viniculture at the Wine Museum. Discover the evolution of winemaking from 1660 to 1970 through captivating exhibits and interactive displays. Explore the underground museum, where family heirlooms and artifacts unveil the intricate tapestry of Santorini's wine culture. Culinary Pairings: Complement your wine journey with delectable local delicacies. Indulge in a gastronomic experience where Santorini's wines are expertly paired with regional cheeses, olives, and other Mediterranean delights. Let the flavors dance on your palate as you savor the perfect marriage of food and wine. Craft Your Own Wine Tale: This tailor-made wine tour allows you to customize your itinerary, ensuring a personalized exploration of Santorini's vinicultural treasures. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or a novice, this odyssey promises an unforgettable blend of education, indulgence, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Optional: Choose to have a light meal in the last winery of this tour Inclusions: 4 hours tour English speaking professional driver/guide Air-conditioned vip vehicle Wet hand tissues Cold bottled water Fuel Tax Entrance fee to the Wine Museum Wine tasting of 12 different local wines. Plate of Mediterranean delights. Exclusions: Gratuities (Optional) Cable car ticket for cruise ship arrivals (6 euro per person/per way) Personal expenses Food

Cancellation Policy

Full refund when cancelled up to 24 hs before the scheduled tour

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