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scenic view of santorini



Experience Santorini's Essence with Water Blue Tours

In 1870, compelled by powerful westerly winds, Gregoris and Dimitris Koutsoyiannopoulos found sanctuary on Santorini, unknowingly laying the foundation for a legacy that thrives today under Dimitris Koutsoyannopoulos.

Founded by Gregoris in 1955, Water Blue Travel Agency, the mother company of Water Blue Tours, is woven into the fabric of Santorini's tourism. 


Water Blue Tours is a family legacy, a commitment to delivering the same high-quality customer service that has defined our journey since the beginning by crafting  experiences that mirror Santorini's allure. From panoramic vistas to curated cultural encounters, each land tour reflects the island's timeless treasures..


Join us on an exploration that goes beyond the ordinary. Water Blue Tours invites you to delve into Santorini's landscapes and cultural richness through meticulously tailored land tours. Let us be your trusted companion as you discover the extraordinary essence of this captivating island.

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