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Boat Tours In Santori - A Sailing Adventure

Dreaming of a seafaring adventure in the enchanting waters of Santorini? Look no further than Water Blue Yachting, where we unveil two exceptional vessels – the catamaran "Sea Dream" and the traditional sailboat "Adonis." Get ready to set sail in style, discovering the timeless beauty of Santorini from a whole new perspective.

Aboard Sea Dream: The Catamaran Experience

Indulge in Luxury and Performance

Step aboard Sea Dream, our brand-new Bali 4.1 catamaran, designed for optimal comfort and performance. With a spacious flybridge and a sunbathing area on the same level as the galley, Sea Dream promises a leisurely summer cruise through Santorini's crystal-clear waters. Revel in the ergonomic living space, soak up the sun on the expansive deck, and let the island's beauty unfold before you.

Why Sea Dream?

Fresh Elegance: Experience the luxury of a brand-new catamaran, ensuring a modern and comfortable journey.

Intimate Setting: Enjoy a more personal experience with a maximum capacity of 12 passengers.

Southern Santorini Exploration: Discover the wonders of the south, from Red & White Beach to the Volcano and Hot Springs.

Expert Crew: Benefit from a highly qualified crew, including a professional guide fluent in seven languages.

Decades of Trust: Rely on Water Blue Yachting, the oldest travel agency in Santorini, ensuring top-quality services since 1955.

Adonis: Classic Elegance on a Traditional Sailboat

Timeless Charm Meets Modern Comfort

Experience the allure of Adonis, a 65 ft luxury schooner that seamlessly blends traditional charm with modern amenities. Renovated in 2021, Adonis offers a classic journey for those seeking the beauty of Santorini's northern coastline. Sail past iconic landmarks and enjoy the spacious deck, complete with sunbeds, sofas, and luxury tables.

Why Adonis?

Classic Luxury: Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of a traditional sailing boat transformed into a luxurious haven.

Renovated Elegance: Adonis underwent a full renovation from 2020 to winter 2021, ensuring a modern and comfortable setting.

Breathtaking Scenery: Sail along the cliff at the north, passing through Fira Town, Imerovigli, Oia, and more.

Qualified Crew: Benefit from a proficient crew fluent in English, with 3-4 members instead of the usual 2.

Decades of Expertise: Rely on the oldest travel agency in Santorini, delivering top-quality services since 1955.

Your Santorini Odyssey Awaits

Whether you choose the modern luxury of Sea Dream or the classic elegance of Adonis, Water Blue Yachting promises a seafaring experience that transcends the ordinary. Marvel at the Caldera views, soak up the sun, and let the magic of Santorini unfold before you. Book your voyage today for an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Aegean.

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